Velodroomstraat 28
8200 Brugge
dinsdag 24 september 2019 - 00:00 t/m 23:55
Externe activiteit

Fresh water availability is an increasingly important issue in our coastal regions due to a combination of overexploitation, climate change, increase in demand, decrease in natural recharge, …. This conference explores the challenges and opportunities for innovative fresh water management in the coastal regions of France, Belgium, UK and the Netherlands.

Combined with salinization problems, these issues are of even greater importance for our coastal plains. Where an increase in water efficiency is not possible any more, alternative water resources might provide a solution. Those alternative water resources often require innovation at a technological level or for non-technological issues (social, permits, business model). This mini-conference will focus on different alternative water resources and will provide an inspiration moment for water managers and water users in coastal- and non-coastal – regions.

The conference is organised by the FRESH4Cs Project Consortium, VLM and Vlakwa/VITO, and will take place at VLM Regio West, Bruges, Belgium. For a detailled program & subscriptions please visit this website.